Fastned Launches Its First Charging Station Belgium

The company already has permits for the construction of 13 along Flemish motorways.

Fastned's first fast charging station in Belgium Fastned's first fast charging station in Belgium

This week Fastned has officially opened its first fast-charging station in Belgium, which is the fourth country, after the Netherlands (the main market), Germany and the UK.

This independent fast-charging network is currently expanding also in Switzerland and has ambitions to install 1,000+ sites across Europe, which would be important competition for IONITY we guess.

According to the map, the new station in Belgium is located close to the international airport of Ostend-Bruges. It has four CCS stalls (up to 300 kW each), and two CHAdeMO (but only 50 kW).

The network is expected to expand gradually as Fastned already received a permit for the construction of 13 fast-charging stations along Flemish motorways.

The total number of Fastned fast charging stations already exceeds 120, but 100+ are located in the Netherlands, which means that there is a lot to do to make the network truly pan-European.

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