Following the unveiling of the Hyundai 45 concept, the South Korean manufacturer just showed a new one-of-a-kind mini EV for kids, with exterior style based on the ‘45’.

It looks pretty cool actually, and with two electric motors (total of 240 W), it can go up to 7 km/h (4.35 mph) - "Only the bravest souls will take the wheel of this speedster." Interestingly it's built from wood.

"Hyundai’s designers adapted the signature ‘kinetic cube lamp’ design of ‘45’ along with its angular yet smooth profile to create this yet-to-be-named EV that sports a Performance Blue exterior color with orange accents."

Hyundai mini EV based on ‘45’ Concept
Hyundai mini EV based on ‘45’ Concept

Hyundai hints at Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology, but has not yet revealed what it actually is.

Further details will be provided soon and possibly it will be produced and sold to young customers around the world.

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