Tesla is by no means your typical automaker and the thought process that goes into its cars is also different from the norm. It doesn’t necessarily do traditional facelifts and refreshes; it instead updates its vehicles over time, changing them incrementally.

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Take the Model S, a car that has been with us for the best part of a decade. It did eventually get an actual facelift, but compared to the features it got in the meantime, its revised front fascia seemed minor (although it did help it look more youthful).

Now it’s time for the smaller, but even more popular Model 3, to get its fair share of significant changes, although its exterior appearance will remain unchanged. One of the biggest changes is the revised central console that will no longer have a lid to cover the smartphone holder; Tesla is also ditching the scratch- and fingerprint- prone glossy plastic for a different material.

Also new is the location of the USB ports that in the current pre-refresh model are located under the smartphone compartment. These will be relocated to the glovebox. Then there are the new heat pump and octovalve (from the Model Y) that we’ve talked a lot about. The Model 3 never had a power liftgate, but that too is coming to make loading items into the trunk just that little bit easier.

New wheel designs, black exterior trim (instead of chrom), darker headliner upholstery and double glazing for the front windows complete the list of changes, according to this video that Andy Slye published on his YouTube channel. We also heard the updated Model 3 will come with a revised steering wheel.

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