Electrify Canada has announced that from October 5, 2020, the pricing plan for the fast charging network will be updated, offering "consistent" and "competitive rates."

The simplified pricing structure includes two power levels: 1-90 kW and 1-350 kW (instead of three previously). Depending on the tariff (Pass without a monthly fee or Pass+ membership with a monthly fee of C$4.00), the prices will be as follows:

  • Pass 1-90 kW: C$0.27/min.
  • Pass 1-350 kW: C$0.57/min.
  • Pass+ 1-90 kW: C$0.21/min. (plus C$4.00 a month)
  • Pass+ 1-350 kW: C$0.44/min. (plus C$4.00 a month)

As we can see, there are no session fees and in the case of higher power level, prices per minute are over 50% lower than previously.

The only other fee is C$0.40/min. idle fee applied after a 10 minute grace period.

Feel free to leave us a comment on what do you think about the new pricing.


Robert Barrosa, chief operating officer at Electrify Canada said:

“Electrify Canada is committed to providing a premier charging experience that makes it quick and easy for drivers to charge with us. We have developed a new pricing structure that is consistent, transparent and provides even greater value. With the new pricing structure, new and existing customers can experience for themselves just how easy it can be to own and operate an electric vehicle.”

The new pricing is not the only thing that Electrify Canada is doing to enhance its fast-charging network. The company is also adding overhead canopies, and installing more stations (the plan is to deploy 32 stations with 128 chargers in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec).

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