After Sandy Munro disassembled the Tesla Model Y, we thought he would only have something so interesting to tell us about when the Cybertruck was around. We are happy to say we were wrong and that he already has something that we’ll keep an eye on. Not because it is innovative, but rather because it is nostalgic and practical. And we dare you can get it right without watching the video above.

One of the first tips we can offer is that we have already written about it here at InsideEVs. Not a very useful one, we know… We try to speak about every single electric car around, anywhere in the world. Then we can go to more substantial info: this EV is made in Europe.

Sandy Munro Will Tear Down A New EV: We Challenge You To Get It Right

For what we understood, Munro & Associates will tear it down to help the manufacturer make the vehicle more efficiently. It also leads us to believe it will probably eye the US market, which would be interesting to see.

The last clue we can offer is the one that will make anyone trying to guess hit the nail in the head: this EV can be parked on a wall, and we have shown you pictures of that. It is just a pity the manufacturer did not put that in a video, which would be really cool. 

Do you already know what car we are talking about? It is the Nobe 100, a nostalgic electric trike that is made in Estonia. A while ago, we managed to speak to one of the company’s founders, Roman Muljar.

At that time, he told us which are the dimensions of the Nobe 100: 143.7 inches (3.65 meters) long, 61.4 in (1.56 m) wide, 53.9 in (1.37 m) tall, and has a 59.5 in (1.51 m) wheelbase, with a weight of 600 kg.

Nobe 100’s deliveries were scheduled to begin in the second half of 2020, but we bet the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that. Munro said he would soon have a chat with the company’s founders to reveal more details about this new teardown job. We will also try to contact Muljar again to learn more about what role Munro’s company will have in the Estonian electric trike story. 

Source: MunroLive 

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