For all those waiting for the world premiere of the Volkswagen ID.4, here is a new video with camouflaged prototypes, recorded in the Alps, at the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse in Austria.

This time the ID.4 is driving with a trailer, which - we guess - must be a significant factor increasing the energy consumption, especially since driving up is already quite demanding. Thankfully, a lot of energy can be recuperated during the downhill.

ID.4 should be able to tow up to 1,900 kg (under 4,200 lbs), which is a lot. With such weight and worsened aerodynamics, it would not surprise us much if the range would be cut by a third, or even in half.

Anyway, the ID.4 copes with a trailer pretty effortlessly, smoothly, and in pleasant silence.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.4 camouflaged prototype

Volkswagen ID.4 brief specs:

  • over 500 km (311 miles) of WLTP range in top version
  • drag coefficient of 0.28
  • rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (later)
  • based on MEB platform
  • towing: up to 1,900 kg (under 4,200 lbs)
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