How do you open your Tesla? With the cell phone or with the "key?" Our friends at found out an amazing story at Reddit about a guy that did not want the standard methods. Mattia Dal Ben hacked the Tesla key card and turned his $20 Casio F91W watch into his new way to get inside his Tesla Model 3 and make it move.

According to his Reddit post, he often had issues with opening his EV, which made him choose the unusual approach to do so. That required a good deal of skills, creativity, and a 3D printer.

This equipment was necessary for him to create a new backplate for his watch. Instead of the stainless steel part, he made a plastic one with several layers that allowed him to place an antenna and a third-party NFC card inside it. Dal Ben created the antenna himself.

The result of his work is in the short video you can see above. And the good news is that it seems to work flawlessly.

Besides the video, Dal Ben also shared images of his project at the website They show the Casio watch became much thicker than the original one, almost like a G-Shock.

According to his Reddit post, he now considers improving the project. The new plastic back would scratch him often, and he wishes the device was able to work farther from the car than it currently does.

More than knowing about the improvements, we are sure this may soon become a new product. The Reddit post shows there is a demand for this "smartwatch." Will Dal Ben have the will (and the means) to turn this into something other people can buy? Ask him directly and let us know here what you think about his solution.

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