Australian startup Jaunt is converting the classic Land Rover Series 2 into a full EV. The company, based in Melbourne, says this is only its first product and that it has plans to convert other classic cars to run on electricity.

Jaunt Land Rover

Their plan for the Series 2 is to rip out its archaic and quite dirty original powertrain and replace it with a state of the art electric motor, controller and battery combo. Their first is this 1971 Series 2a nicknamed Juniper, which is not only cleaner but quite a bit quicker than the original.

It is powered by a 136 horsepower electric motor that also puts out 235 Nm (173 pound-feet). The battery pack has 52 kWh, fitted by a local company, but for larger scale production, Jaunt will need a way to source either Tesla cells or some other some other cells with high energy density.

Right now, Juniper is either fully road worthy or close to being road worthy. The goal is to make it seem as if it’s an untouched and perfectly restored classic, so it needs all the new parts to be smartly integrated in order to not necessarily shout about the fact that it’s electric; pricing has yet to be announced, yet as with other similar conversions, we don't expect it to be cheap.


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