Croatian EV builder and tech company Rimac has grown a lot since it was founded in 2009, and now it’s working on launching its second production model, the C_Two battery powered supercar. So far, the C_Two has only been shown as a hardtop coupe model, but a recent video uploaded on the company’s official YouTube channel alluded to the fact that a drop top model may be in the works too.

Said video features Daniele Giachi, Director of Vehicle Engineering and Chief-Engineer, who mostly talks about what makes the carbon fiber monocoque around which the C_Two is built special. And while most of the video is dedicated to the tub itself, Daniele does at one point say that it has been designed to work in a roadster configuration too.

Gallery: Rimac C_Two Production Line

Rimac has not publicly announced a C_Two roadster, but why would it go to the trouble of making the monocoque shell roadster-ready if it didn’t intend to use it in this application? Even if a topless C_Two is planned, it will probably not be revealed at the same time and alongside the hardtop, deliveries of which were supposed to commence in 2020 but have been postponed until 2021.

More mainstream manufacturers often employ the same tactic: they reveal the coupe version of a specific model, then some months (sometimes years) after that, they also launch the roadster or cabriolet model. We’ll have to wait and see if Rimac goes down the same road, although we can’t be sure that it’s actually going to be launched.

Much larger manufacturers often engineer two-door cars with the intent to also sell them as convertibles, but change their mind and they never actually see a production line. One example of this is the current Lexus RC which was designed to also be sold as a cabriolet, yet Lexus pulled the plug on that and only made it available as a hardtop.

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