This drag race features a Tesla Model Y Performance up against a high horsepower BMW X6M. Does electric or gas win? Watch the video and you'll soon find out.

We should indeed point out that this is no ordinary BMW X6M though. This particular example is heavily modified by G Power. It's fitted with what G Power calls the Typhoon package and the result is that it cranks out an impressive 750 horsepower. That way above the Model Y Performance, which reportedly puts out some 456 horsepower.

With the Model Y down some 300 horsepower compared to the modified BMW X6M, you'd think it wouldn't stand a chance in a drag race, but think again. IN this race, it appears as though the Model Y doesn't get a particularly strong start off of the line. Typically, Teslas jump out to an immediate lead in most drag races. However, that's not the case here.

The weak start allows the BMW to keep pace with the Model Y and for awhile it even appears as though the BMW will take down the Y. However, the Tesla picks up steam after the slow start and makes its move towards the finish line.

The result? Well, just grab a look at the video to find out which car takes home the crown in this drag race. With a stronger start, just imagine how much better the Model Y would've fared.

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