Singapore to return on the automotive map with Hyundai.

According to Straits Times newspaper (via Bloomberg), Hyundai is going to produce electric cars in Singapore starting in 2022.

Construction of the 28,000 m2 assembly facility for 30,000 cars annually will start in October. Reportedly, it was scheduled to start in May but the coronavirus forced the delay of the project.

It would be the first new car production facility in the city-state since Ford retired from Singapore 40 years ago. There was another EV project in the works - by Dyson - but it was canceled.

It's expected - according to the Straits Times' article - that some 6,000 of locally produced EVs will be sold in Singapore, which means that the remaining 24,000 (80% of total) would be exported to some neighbor markets.

The question is what car exactly will be produced in Singapore? According to the article, it might be an electric compact crossover - Ioniq 3, one of the few announced recently.

We can guess that Singapore would be the right choice for a low-volume, high-end model, especially if the city-state would throw some incentives to make the deal attractive.

If the report is true, we should see an official announcement soon.

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