Tesla TTR (Tips, Tricks, & Reviews) had some good fun out at the Orlando Speedway Drag Strip, which is to be expected since it won these races with what looked to be almost no effort. While we appreciate the work people put into their gas cars, it has to be nice to just pull your Tesla Model 3 up to the track, push the pedal, and win repeatedly. However, there's much more to think about here.

Modifying gas cars and racing them is a very popular hobby, though those mods aren't typically cheap, simple, or easily reversible. They can make the car louder, faster, smellier, and much less fuel-efficient, which is just fine for track time. However, when you want to take your Bimmer sedan or Tauras family-hauler out for a peaceful drive or on a road trip, the mods may not come in so handy.

EVs are peppy off the line, which is great for city driving, as well as showing off at the track. You don't have to do anything to your Tesla to make it a frequent winner. You can head out to the races, have a little fun, and then get right back to family-hauling road trips with zero effort.

Watch this blow away the BMW with a huge turbo and the modded Ford Taurus SHO. There's literally no contest here. Then, as always, start a conversation with other EV fans in our comment section below.

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