Some of you may have read the title and thought, not another Tesla drag race. However, it's important to remember that much of the general public isn't very aware of EVs or how well they perform. In order to promote EV adoption, we have to expose people to the fact that electric cars are not only better for the environment, but also a blast to drive. This is even true of electric crossovers like the new Tesla Model Y.

There is definitely a rivalry between gas and electric cars. EatSleepDrive says today it seems more like "gas versus electric" rather than "gas or electric." However, if you're a gas car owner racing a dual-motor Tesla from a standstill over a short distance, you'd better at least be prepared to lose, and potentially lose badly.

Where EVs can falter is once they begin to reach higher speeds. We've seen many races where a Tesla got a massive jump at the beginning only to either barely win at the end or even be overtaken by the gas car. So, EatSleepDrive changes it up a bit from the usual races by running a Tesla Model Y versus Ford Mustang GT350 race that starts from a roll.

It's important to keep in mind that a quick car and a fast car can be two different things, though sometimes the words are used interchangeably. Teslas are quick off the line. They have instant and incredible acceleration that you will feel every time you push the go pedal and accelerate to the speed limit.

A "fast" car may also be quick, but it usually also has a higher top speed and can continue to accelerate into the top end. While this is a solid metric for track time, it's not something you'll ever be able to take advantage of in typical daily driving, unless, of course, you're regularly breaking the law.

At any rate, check out the quick Tesla Model Y versus the fast Ford Mustang GT350 from a roll. We encourage you to place your bets ahead of time. Then, start a conversation about the results in our comment section below.

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