Lightning Systems, which offers all-electric versions of commercial vehicles, usually built using Ford's vans and truck gliders, is launching a new Lightning Energy division to provide charging solutions for fleets.

The idea is to offer all types of charging products, from 7.2 kW AC charging points, to 150 kW DC fast chargers and turnkey solutions, as most of the commercial and government fleets might not be aware of how complicated the installation of charging infrastructure might be.

"Lightning Energy designs, installs, services, and manages charging solutions, providing fleets with turnkey options to support fleet electrification and help stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals. As a part of Lightning Systems, Lightning Energy offers a full range of purchased or leased charging stations and, optionally, full charging as a service (CaaS). CaaS will include infrastructure installation, permitting, utilities liaison, maintenance, and ongoing management software, and regulatory credit monetization, to operate small, medium or large fleets of electric vehicles."

We saw similar moves from other EV companies, including electric bus manufacturers, which means that a comprehensive approach is really needed and probably adds additional revenue stream, on top of selling EVs (medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including Class 3-8 delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, chassis-cab models, transit buses and motor coaches).

Besides the charging infrastructure, Lightning Systems recently has launched the Lightning Mobile DC fast charger, equipped with 80 kW DC charger and 184 kWh energy storage.

It can be deployed in a van or trailer for easy and fast deployment:

Lightning Mobile installed in Transit 350HD cargo van
Lightning Mobile deployed in a trailer
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