When the Tesla Cybertruck was first unveiled, we went on a bit of a "Cyber-everything" binge. Why not, right? Innovation is usually a good thing, and there hasn't been much in the vehicle space, at least when it comes to exterior materials and construction. We joked that Tesla could make a whole lineup of Cybervehicles.

While that may be unlikely to happen, there are definitely plenty of ideas we could come up with. We weren't the only people in the "Cyber-everything" club. Others have presented neat concepts based on the truck's design, though most just seemed to be produced for fun and clicks.

However, Tesla fan, owner, and investor Gali Russel (HyperChange) produced a more recent concept of a Cybershaw that could become reality, but this spec ad is just meant to be inspirational and to reveal future potential. And no, this is not a product in partnership with Tesla YouTuber Ryan Shaw.

Hyperchange's Cybertruck-based concept is an electric rickshaw brought to us by HyperChange X Alborz Design X Viv. It would offer 150 miles of range and come complete with a Solarglass roof that can add 10 miles per day via the sun's rays. It would have a 6.9-second zero-to-42-mph time.

The Cybershaw would be affordable ($6,000), rely on the Tesla Supercharger network, have a swappable 16-kWh battery pack, and room for a driver and three passengers. If you don't need to carry people, you'll have 64 cubic feet of cargo volume in back.

The spec ad is short and fun, but there's more to come. Hyperchange says today it will release a more detailed "Moonshot" episode explaining the details and vision behind the theoretical Tesla product. We will provide that video once it goes live.

Sure, this isn't likely realistic. However, imagine if Tesla brought a small and inexpensive vehicle to market. It would probably sell incredibly well.

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