The Chinese passenger car market decreased in June 2020 by 6% year-over-year, but that's nothing compared to a 53% collapse of plug-in cars.

The huge drop results from high sales in June 2019, inflated by the end of generous incentives. As we are now a year since the major change to lower incentives, from August we should see significant improvements year-over-year.

The 91,000+ plug-in car sales in June was frankly the best result this year and the second-best in 12-months. Plug-ins also achieved a 5.5% market share (4.4% for BEVs).

After the first six months of 2020, total sales amounted to roughly 360,000 (4.7% of the total car market).

Plug-in electric car sales in China – June 2020


Model rank

The Tesla Model 3 has completely dominated the Chinese plug-in car market and in June accelerated to some 15,000 units. The result for the first half is now at over 47,500.

The second best for the month was the GM-related SAIC Baojun E-Series with 5,875 units (#5 YTD with 13,673), followed by BYD Qin Pro BEV (4,303 and 20,990 YTD) and GAC Aion S (3,695 and 18,211 YTD).

The BMW 5-Series plug-in hybrids do not stop to amaze us with its relatively high position in the BEV-dominated market.

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