Alex Dykes of Alex on Autos has been reviewing cars for years, but this 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime video review is his first roller test. Apparently, Dykes has owned the rollers for some time, so why not use them? He explains the reason behind avoiding roller testing in the past.

It's interesting that he explains why he hasn't done it, but then features a video that focuses on roller testing. Perhaps his goal here was to educate people about the testing more than to actually test the upcoming RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). At any rate, it's interesting to see how the Toyota compact SUV performs.

Roller testing is a pretty simple concept. You drive the car onto rollers so that the tires will slip. You can configure the rollers however you like so that there are rollers under various tires around the car. Once positioned on the rollers, you can test the vehicle's traction control, braking, and various settings. 

The RAV4 Prime, like many electric vehicles, comes standard with all-wheel drive. It's also Toyota's quickest and most powerful RAV4 ever produced. The traditional RAV4 has always been a decent performer off the pavement, and it's assumed the plug-in hybrid will fare even better thanks to its weight, torque, horsepower, and advanced four-wheel traction control technology.

How does it perform? Check out the brief video to see what Dykes learns about the RAV4 Prime. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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