NIO recently released a video showing the making of the ES6 model at the JAC-NIO production base in Hefei, China, where also the ES8 and upcoming EC6 are produced.

NIO does not own its own plant yet, as the Chinese start-up from the beginning teamed up with the Jianghuai Automotive Corporation (JAC) to produce the ES8, then ES6 and also EC6 (currently in pre-production).

"This location serves as the Advanced Manufacturing Center of our global startup.

Watch the video below to get a closer look into our manufacturing line."

The manufacturing and the process is highly automated and very similar to what we could see in video presentations of other EV plants.

The question is whether NIO will try to build its own manufacturing plant, or maybe buy one from another manufacturer?

The plan for a factory in Shanghai was terminated in 2019 when there was probably not enough cash available as well as the output level was still not enough fto fill the Hefei site. We guess that to convince investors to build a new plant for new models, first NIO has to make a big splash with the EC6, a major competitor to the Tesla Model Y in China.

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