Long-time Tesla owner enjoys amazing track time with one of the best coaches.

Our friend Trevor Page (Tesla Owners Online) is always seeking out new adventures to explore in his Tesla Model 3. He recently drove it all the way across Canada in just 73 hours. Now, it's time for some short-range fun at the track. Page recruits a Tesla track pro to show him how it's done.

Tesla's vehicles have long been praised for their straight-line acceleration. However, the Model 3 and Model Y have proven that the cars also fare quite well on the twisty track. We're fortunate to have lots of EV track content to share via our own Kyle Conner and our track in North Carolina.

The above video, however, was filmed at the Toronto Motorsports track. Page is accompanied by Sasha Anis from Mountain Pass Performance. You probably remember Anis since we've covered his Tesla work in the past, as well as plenty of track time. Anis tunes and modifies electric cars, performs EV conversions, tests EVs, etc. His company also designs, builds, and sells performance parts for electric vehicles and has set some track records.

To say that Anis is an authority when it comes to motorsport in general, electric cars, and racing would be an understatement. Check out the video to see Page's track time with Anis. Then, scroll down and share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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