This shows how well Tesla Autopilot can handle tough, twisty roads, and also how much it still must improve.

It's not 'Tail of the Dragon,' but it's an awesome drive if you like the great outdoors, mountains, and twisty roads. 'The Snake' on US 421 in the eastern Tennessee mountains is likely on the list for those who enjoy such drives. 

Downlow Garage takes a Tesla Model S P100D out to 'The Snake,' however, not to experience it in the usual way, but to test out Autopilot. The Tesla is actually a loaner car, and these guys want to see how well Autopilot works in tough driving situations like this.

Some people who really like to drive aren't keen on Tesla Autopilot. Why would you want a car driving for you when driving is fun, especially on a road like the Snake? Well, the point of Autopilot is not to drive on twisty mountain roads, but to make your drive easier and more stress-free on the highway.

With that said, these twisty mountain roads are a great place to check out Autopilot's capabilities and limitations. We recently shared a similar video with you from a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. As you'll see, the Model S handles some areas better than one might expect, however, the driver has to help out many times.

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