Bjorn Nyland recently posted an Xpeng G3 video series as he had one on loan for a while. He liked it a lot, but one of the issues he had was the infotainment system was in Chinese. However, Xpeng is working on an upgraded infotainment system for the G3, which also includes an option to have the system displayed in English.

So the automaker sent Bjorn another G3, this one with a beta version of the new system with English text so he could play with it for a while. Xpeng is currently only selling cars in China, but they seem to be spreading their wings and sending their cars to Europe and the US for road testing.

Bjorn explains that Xpeng has improved the hardware as well as the software, and how smooth and snappy the new touchscreen works even with pinch and zoom in satellite mode for navigation. The system still has some noticeable bugs, but Bjorn explains, it is still in beta form.

Bjorn Nyland Xpeng G3
Bjorn's showing off the new infotainment system of the Xpeng G3

Bjorn then takes the car for a ride in a parking lot and shows off its self-parking capabilities. The G3 can find and park in an open parking spot in a parking lot, and that's a task that even Tesla vehicles are not yet capable of doing. Bjorn even gets out of the vehicle and allows it to park itself while he observes. 

We're seeing a lot from Xpeng lately, as the EV startup seems to be on the path to becoming one of the more stable Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. The G3 is their first offering, but their second, and much more compelling vehicle, the P7 sports sedan is due to begin customer deliveries within weeks. 

So check out Bjorn's video and let us know what you think of the G3's updated infotainment system, as well as its self-parking ability. 

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