Famed Porsche customizer TechArt has revealed a set of special wheels for the Taycan electric vehicle. So far just these snazzy rims, but the tuner clearly won’t stop here and plans additional modifications for the model.

Only photos of the actual wheels are shown, but the company did provide a single design sketch of an upcoming body kit that will radically transform the look of the Taycan (although additional aero mods may also be offered). If you’re into widebody kits, then you will definitely love what TechArt has in store for Prosche’s electric sedan.

The wheels are called TechArt Formula VI, they are pretty big, at 22 inches in diameter, as well as 10 inches wide up front and 11.5 inches wide at the back; this staggered setup looks really good on the stock Taycan, filling up the wheel arches nicely. However, once the body kit is installed, some different rims and/or spaces will be needed.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan TechArt Rims

And while we can’t but be excited about the prospect of an even more aggressive look to the Taycan, we know that it would certainly go very will with a power boost. Nobody has hacked a Taycan to make it more powerful (that we know of), but hackers have managed to make the Tesla Model 3 way faster recently, so imagine what they could be able to extract out of, say, the top tier Taycan Turbo S that already has 761 horsepower; TechArt did say it is looking into this.

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