It seems that the usage of Tesla Superchargers around the world is gradually improving from the COVID-19-related collapse earlier this year.

According to one of the latest Elon Musk's tweets, in Asia (mainly China) usage is already at an all-time high, while the two other biggest markets - North America and Europe - significantly improved.

"China & Asia Pacific Supercharger usage above pre-covid highs. North America catching up fast. Europe slightly behind."



  • NAM (red): North America
  • EMEA (black): Europe (mostly), Middle East, Africa
  • China (grey): China
  • APAC (yellow): Asia Pacific (excluding China)

There are two main reasons behind the increase in the number of charging sessions - first, Tesla drivers again are driving more, especially more long-distance trips. And secondly, there are more Tesla cars every month, especially in China, which experiences the quickest recovery.

The more affected North American and European markets need more time to get back to pre-COVID levels, but it's probably only a matter of time - hopefully within a few months.


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