Our friends over at the Trail Less Traveled YouTube channel have finally had the opportunity to go on a real camping trip, away from their home town. They previously did some range tests with their new Tesla Model X pulling their new camper. In addition, they went on a shorter trip close to home. It's all a learning process at this point.

This recent trip took them 143 miles from home (one way). Based on their prior testing in strong headwinds, they proved they could count on about 100 miles of range before stopping to charge.

The family took a previous camping trip, which was actually the Tesla's maiden camping trip towing the new camper. It was about 200 miles roundtrip, so no real range worries. In addition, work-related circumstances made it so they had to also take another car, so they didn't really have to be concerned.

In this video, they fill us in on the real-range situation. Can they travel more than 100 miles at a time? If so, is 143 miles a real possibility? If not, does it take them too far off the beaten path and away from Superchargers? How about stopping at campgrounds or looking for other charging options?

There's a lot to think about here. If you find yourself taking part in trips like this and towing with a Tesla, you have to plan ahead. It's critical to figure out where you're headed, how far away it is, whether you'll have enough range, and where you're going to charge.

Check out the video for all the new details. Then, share your similar experience with us in the comment section. If you have any advice for this family, provide it below as well.

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