We've been actively following YouTuber Brian Jenkins' (i1Tesla) Tesla coverage. This is especially true since he took delivery of his new Tesla Model Y in North Carolina not long ago. As you may remember, Jenkins has regularly teamed up with our own Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring, One Lap, and InsideEVs US) to test his Teslas on our track.

However, before teaming up with Conner, Jenkins made a regular habit out of testing Tesla Autopilot on a twisty backroad by his home. The road only has a single lane in each direction and no shoulder in most cases. While a test like this is not all-encompassing, it gives Jenkins a solid idea of how Autopilot has changed and/or improved after each update.

Jenkins pays close attention to how Autopilot reacts to certain areas and situations on this same road. Then, in each subsequent test, he drives in the same areas and assesses how the advanced driver-assist system manages the situation compared to the previous drive. This drive is on Autopilot update 2020.16.3.

Check out the video to watch the Tesla on Autopilot, along with all of Jenkins' dialogue and insight. Overall, he says it's amazing, but we all know it's still far from perfect. As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below? 

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