Did you know the Nikola NZT would have a closed-cabin version?

We always pay careful attention to manufacturers’ videos. They often hide nice Easter Eggs about new products and that was the impression we had when we saw clay artists finishing a vehicle in the video above. Sadly, this was only the NZT, an off-highway vehicle – or OHV – Nikola Motor Company plans to sell starting at $80,000. We did not know it will have a closed-cabin version, but it will.

Since we never spoke a lot about the NZT, the video above became a good opportunity to do so. The all-electric NZT will offer up to 590 hp, 775 lb-ft, and a disappointing range of only 150 mi despite its 150 kWh battery pack. Recharging takes 15 hours in a 240V outlet.

It is 160 in long, 72 in wide, 73 in tall, and has a wheelbase of 125 in. If the video above shows it as a clay model, the one below already presents it moving around.

Inside, the NZT offers HVAC, a 13” water-proof infotainment system, and a 7” digital instrument panel. The doors have power windows. Needless to say, the $80,000 version is the cheapest one. Power windows and HVAC come at an extra cost.

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Being electric, the NZT has a water wading maximum depth of 1.30 m (51.2 in). All four wheels have motors to make it have maximum traction in any sort of terrain.

If Nikola decided to create a closed-cabin version of the NZT, we wonder why didn’t it decide to make it road-legal as well. It would be quite unique on the roads. It could even try to justify such a hefty price tag.

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