The Suzuki Hayabusa is legendary for its almost unbelievable performance and the crazy modifications that people do to it to make it even faster and more ridiculous. They usually turbocharge its inline-four engine and can even double its factory horsepower rating, yet the ‘Busa in this video is modified in an entirely different way.

The people who built this particular bike got rid of the 1.3-liter engine altogether and replaced it with... the electric motor out of a forklift, according to The Drive. It apparently puts out 200 horsepower, and even though it can only maintain peak power for six seconds, it’s enough for it to complete the standing quarter mile in under 10 seconds.

Its best time is apparently 9.3 seconds, which puts it about a second ahead of a Tesla Model S P100D Raven (it does the quarter in around 10 seconds). And in order to help it put its power down and not pop constant wheelies, its builders stretched the chassis by about 10 inches - this is common among bikes that are modified specifically for drag racing, as this one is.

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