If there is one visual modification that can easily transform the look of any car, that’s changing the rims. This is especially important if none of the rims fitted to a car from the factory really do it justice and one example of this is the Porsche Taycan.

Its design is really awesome - it’s still recognizably a sedan, but it’s sleek, sporty and has lots of cool details; the second you lay eyes on one, you know it’s something special. But the wheels, regardless of which style or size you go for, kind of let it down.

One way to get around this is to find some other Porsche wheels that fit, like the lattice design set that you can get on the Panamera. Or you could get a set of aftermarket rims, although if you do this, there is a chance you could actually get ones that look worse than the factory set.

But if you choose carefully, you can find some nice non-Porsche rims that really compliment the Taycan’s look. These ones from Vossen, called S17-04, finished in satin black, really go nicely with this white Taycan Turbo S. You see them and you instantly know they are not factory, but the thin multi-spoke design just works with this car.

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