We've yet to see the gas Kona race the Kona EV, but this is close enough for comparison.

The Hyundai Kona is a popular subcompact crossover. Perhaps the Kona Electric would be even more popular if it was offered in larger volume in more locations. Regardless, we've been waiting to see a solid comparison between the gas-powered Kona and the EV, as well as some track times, but we've not had any luck securing such a video.

Fortunately, Autocar India published this video that's about as close as it gets, though its only a drag race, and not a full comparison. The results of the race are so telling, we had to share it.

The publication races the Kona Electric against its corporate cousin, the all-new gas-powered Kia Seltos. It's important to note that the Seltos is a touch larger than the Kona, and a touch smaller than the Kia Niro. However, all these crossovers are of the subcompact variety. They're similar enough to draw some fair comparisons.

The Kia Seltos gets its power from a 4-cylinder and a standard continuously variable automatic transmission. It's the same setup found in the gas-powered Kona. However, this particular Seltos is powered by the turbo-four engine. The Kona EV, of course, is fully electric.

To say that the Kona Electric leaves the Seltos in the dust would be an understatement. In fact, when the Kona crosses the finish line, you may end up finding yourself wondering if the Seltos is still participating. Check it out and leave us a comment.

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