Plug-in car sales keep growing year-over-year, despite the overall market slowdown.

While the global automotive market is experiencing an unprecedented slowdown, fortunately we still are seeing positive signs from the plug-in segment.

For example, in Sweden, where the overall new passenger car registrations in May decreased by 50%, the plug-in car sales increased by about one-fifth year-over-year to 3,424. Such a combination has translated into a market share of 22%. All-electric cars were responsible for less than a third (about 29%).

After the first five months of 2020, total new registrations are 26,167 (26% of the total passenger car market in Sweden).

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – May 2020

Not many other markets were able to achieve such an uninterrupted string of growth in 2020:


Best selling models

The top-selling models in Sweden are usually plug-in hybrids form Volvo, Kia and Volkswagen, which are also the most popular plug-in car brands (20%, 19% and 13% market share respectively).

The top-selling models for the year are:

  1. Volvo S/V60 PHEVs (counted together) - 296 (2,616 YTD)
  2. Volkswagen Passat GTE - 247 (2,088 YTD)
  3. Kia Optima PHEV - 196 (1,732 YTD)
  4. Kia Niro PHEV - 262 (1,572 YTD)
  5. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - 133 (1,470 YTD)

Tesla Model 3 remains the highest classified BEV for the year (at #6 with 1,394 YTD).

Here are detailed numbers via EV Sales Blog:

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