This dashcam video captures a Tesla Model S intentionally slowing down a Chevy Camaro. When both cars come to a stop, the Camaro driver exits his car to apparently start a fight with the driver of the Model S.

It's a form of road rage and it was captured by another vehicle following behind the Model S and Camaro. The uploader of the video notes that the Camaro driver threw "something" at the Tesla too, but our eyes don't catch this act in the video.

As you'll see in the brief clip, the Model S is behind the Camaro, so the act of the Tesla intentionally slowing down the Chevy apparently occurred before this. Once both cars approach the stoplight, the Camaro moves a lane over so that the Tesla will pull up beside it. This is reportedly when words are exchanged and when the Chevy driver throws something at the Tesla. 

Moments later, the Camaro driver quickly exits his car and tries to chase down the Tesla on foot. The driver of the Tesla makes some evasive moves to try and prevent the situation from escalating. It works and the Camaro driver returns to his car.

The incident took place in Downey, California at the intersection of Paramount and Telegraph.

Video description via God Bless Hip Hop on YouTube

Road Rage In Downey presents

Guy in Tesla was slowing down the convertible, so the convertible pulls up to the Tesla and they exchanged words, the guy in the convertible threw something at the Tesla and drove off, this is what happened when they met up at the light. Guy in convertible wanted to fight, but Tesla didn't.


Paramount and Telegraph

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