The 2020 Model S is very different from the 2012 Model S thanks to incremental improvements.

If you bought a Tesla Model S way back in 2012 and you recently traded in or sold it to get a newer version of the same car, you certainly spotted plenty of changes. They are not major, but added up they make the 2020 Model S a better car to live with, packed with even more usable technology than before.

In fact, the evolution of its exterior look and the interior design and trim changes don’t reflect the full extent of what was done under the skin. Sure, they still look pretty much the same, but the current Model S has a lot more features than the version that debuted all those years ago (and kickstarted shift towards electric cars).

Are you wondering what these changes are? Well, check out this video posted by Marques Brownlee, who lists most of the changes Tesla made to the Model S. He observed them when trading his older Model S in for a newer one and decided to make this video listing all the things he noticed were different or improved.

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