Since the Cybertruck only comes in stainless steel, modifications will be popular.

Cybertruck Owners sent us information about its new Cybertruck 3D Visualizer Tool. It's free for anyone to use and allows you to create your own unique, personalized Tesla Cybertruck. We'd love for you to make your own creation and give us feedback about how it works, what could be added, and how it could be improved.

You can change colors and textures, as well as upload stickers and graphics to put on your Tesla electric pickup truck. You can also tint the windows and change the interior color, among other options. While this type of visualizer would be cool with any car or truck, it makes special sense when it comes to the Cybertruck. Since the Tesla pickup truck only comes in stainless steel, it's likely that people will be doing such modifications in the future.

If you're not interested in modifying your Cybertruck with stickers and colors, the 3D tool is still very useful. It allows you to see the truck at all angles. You can zoom in and out, check out the interior, open or close the bed, and raise or lower the truck's suspension height. While inside the virtual Cybertruck, you can view various driver and passenger perspectives. Click on the windows for a surprising Easter Egg. Finally, there's an Augmented Reality mode for use on your mobile device. 

As you can see from the image above, the forum created a personalized Cybertruck for InsideEVs. You can also see other user creations by clicking here.

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