The Croatian-built Rimac C_Two is shaping up to be a rather special electric vehicle and it’s apparently going to be a hoot to drive. One of the company employees, Misha Charoudin, who also happens to have a YouTube channel, got a surprise chance to drive an early prototype around a track and the experience really left its mark on him.

The prototype he drove had about half the power of the finished car (which is expected to have 1,888 horsepower), and it also didn’t have properly calibrated steering or torque vectoring (both of which will be done until the C_Two is declared done). Even so, the rawness of the driving experience really impressed Misha who broke out into tears at the end of the drive.

Rimac plans to build 150 C_Twos all of which will come with a 120 kWh battery pack, which should give it a maximum range of 650 km (402 miles) according to the old NEDC test cycle. This means it will be more than a short range toy, so those who will want to use it as a daily driver won’t constantly get range anxiety.

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