The European plug-in electric sales positively surprised us in March, as despite the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown in the second part of the month, results were strong. The bad news is that April might not be good.

Even despite the fact that overall car sales last month went down by 52%, EV Sales Blog reports that plug-ins increased year-over-year by 41% to 84,349 and an outstanding 9.9% market share (including 6% BEVs).

Also, the Q1 2020 numbers are high - 228,945 new sales (up 82%) at 7.5% market share (including 4.3% BEVs). At this point in 2019, the market share was 3.6%.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – March 2020


Most popular models

Tesla Model 3 did it again. Out of nowhere, Tesla delivered 16,121 Model 3 in March and jumped several positions to first place for the year with 21,225 total! It is a really good outcome, but the growth of 8% year-over-year, compared to the average of 82% for the plug-in market, reveals that others are catching up quickly.

The second best-selling model in Europe is Renault ZOE, although 4,334 in March was below March 2019. With 20,584 sales in Q1, ZOE is positioned to take the lead again in Q2. The third best is the Volkswagen e-Golf (10,506 YTD).

There are plenty of interesting results in the EV Sales Blog's table, but we would like to stop for a while at the Audi e-tron. 3,522 were sold in March and 8,288 YTD, that's not far from the podium actually.

Moreover, e-tron outsold Tesla Model S (1,442 YTD) and Tesla Model X (1,294 YTD) together. This seems like a big warning for Tesla.

Mercedes-Benz EQC, on the other hand, finally emerged on the radar with a record of 668 new registrations in March (1,489 YTD).

Top 20 YTD:

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