The coronavirus lockdown interrupted the great expansion of Renault electric car sales this year, which was at an all-time high during the first two months of the year.

The French company reports 5,129 BEV sales globally (down 5% year-over-year) in March and 23,390 during the first quarter (up 65%), including 22,810 in Europe, where Renault is responsible for 17.3% of all BEV car sales.

Because the overall Renault sales went down 25.9% in March to 672,922, the all-electric car share amounted to 5.5% globally and 9.5% in Europe! When limiting just to passenger cars in Europe, the ZOE actually stands for 11.1% of total Renault volume. Impressive, but again, Renault car sales tanked 36.0%.

Renault electric car sales – March 2020



As the European market was significantly impacted by COVID-19 lockdown in mid-March, sales of the most important model - ZOE - barely match the 2019 level. It would be an outstanding month otherwise.

A little negative surprise is that the City K-ZE noted just 35 sales in China last month. As Renault withdraws ICE passenger car segment in China, the K-ZE is currently the only passenger model to stay available.

Renault lineup - from left Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E.
from left: Renault Twizy, Renault ZOE, Renault Kangoo Z.E. and Renault Master Z.E.

Data does not include the Twizy – heavy quadricycles (L7e).

Additionally, Renault Samsung Motors sold 81 SM3 Z.E. in South Korea (180 YTD).

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