Doing these mods to your Model Y will really make it pop.

The Model Y is set to become one of the most common Teslas on the road, and many owners will undeniably want to make theirs stand out in a crowded parking lot. And one of the best and easiest ways to do that is to put some flashy rims on it and maybe lower it at the same time.

Vossen Wheels has released a short video showcasing its Hybrid Forged HF-4T wheels, available in sizes ranging from 20- to 21-inch. They look quite suitable on the Model Y, especially if you also proceed to lower it - the vehicle in the video can get really low courtesy of an air ride suspension system; when it’s fully lowered, you might even mistake it for a Model 3, at a glance.

The Satin Ocean 3M wrap further helped this particular Model Y stand out, if the big rims weren’t enough. It also looks like its front Tesla badge was removed, while the lettering on the hatch in the rear appears to have been painted or wrapped in satin black.

Lowering a car and putting bigger wheels on it usually makes said car look better, even if it affects comfort and practicality. But for some (Tesla Model Y owners), the tradeoff for standing out will be worth it.

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