In today's teaser (in a series that will continue over the April) Lordstown Motors presents an Alpha prototype of the Endurance all-electric pickup truck skidding in dirt (recorded in early March).

The short clip shows how the vehicle copes on a turn and an incline when the track is wet. The all-wheel-drive system has to adequately differentiate the torque output between each wheel (driven by a separate in-wheel electric motor).

“Full disclosure: I wanted to play around on the wet track and see how the Endurance would respond. I was happy to see how easily the truck recovered from the induced slide. I loved the feeling of control and responsiveness throughout the maneuver. What a thrill!” - CEO Steve Burns

The pass seems pretty smooth and, since it's an early prototype, the system can be further refined before entering production.

Who knows, maybe Lordstown will even add a similar feature to Rivian's Tank Turn. Having four motors gives at least a possibility for it.

Lordstown Endurance alpha test vehicle
Lordstown Endurance alpha test vehicle
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