This video features the Tesla Model 3 Performance in a drag race against the very powerful Yamaha FZ 09 motorcycle. Can the electric Tesla beat the gas bike? Let's watch to find out.

First things first though. Road racing is illegal and extremely dangerous. Though the YouTube video description states that this race takes place on a private road, we have our doubts. Why blur faces? Why the rush to get the races in so quickly? Racing belongs on the track, not the roads, so please only perform races where appropriate.

Moving on. This video features 3 races between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the Yamaha FZ 09, with one of the races being a roll that starts at 50 MPH. It's clear to us that the motorcycle rider is quite skilled at launching the bike, but can it beat the Model 3?

If you recall, we recently saw the Harley-Davidson Livewire beat the Model 3 on the track not once, but twice. If the Harley can win, you'd think the Yamaha could too, right?

We all know about the Model 3 Performance, but just how capable is the Yamaha FZ 09? Here are some specs. The bike weighs about 414 pounds and puts out 65 pound-feet of torque. Its horsepower rating is 115 and top speed is listed at 132 MPH. For comparison, the Livewire boasts 105 HP and 86 pound-feet of torque. It weighs 549 pounds and has a listed top speed of 90 MPH, though we've seen it surpass that figure.

In the video, race one seems to go to the Model 3. Race two puts the bike ahead. The rolling race results are a bit surprising though.


Video description via Mar10 W6 on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 performance vs Yamaha FZ 09 on a private road.

3 races vs a Yamaha FZ 09 and a roll race from 50 mph.

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