According to GlobalData, the coronavirus outbreak will significantly impact the Chinese EV battery business, which was the biggest by volume in 2019 (both deployment and production).

A decline of more than half was already seen in January 2020, which temporarily allowed Europe to deploy more battery capacity in xEVs (BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs).

GlobalData recently said that COVID-19 might affect China by 26 GWh in 2020. We are not sure what the production was in 2019, but the deployment has exceeded 50 GWh.

"China’s attempt to fight the coronavirus outbreak has led to delayed production across a number of battery production facilities located in key coronavirus hit provinces and is expected to lower the output of Chinese battery manufacturers by around 26 GWh in 2020.

—Sneha Susan Elias, Senior Power Analyst at GlobalData"

Currently, the manufacturers in China are trying to recover production, while Europe and North America closed many battery plants (even the biggest one, the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada).

If China will be hit by so much as forecasted, it will not take long then for us to see similar reports about Europe and U.S. Impact on the Gigafactory in Nevada alone is probably above 0.5 GWh per week (assuming 35 GWh annual output).

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