The Dirty Tesla YouTube channel presents 14 elements that may have gone unnoticed for many.

A tweet inspired Chris, from the Dirty Tesla YouTube channel, to create the video above. The tweet was from a person that did not expect to have lumbar support control in the front seats. That is what led Chris to list 14 features he believes most Tesla owners were not aware of. If you are a Tesla owner, check the video and tell us: how many didn't you really know?

Some of the most hidden features for us were the ones that are only controlled by the single central touchscreen. Anyway, Chris also names physical stuff that anyone curious enough to mess with them would have probably discovered without any help. Mainly because they are offered in most cars.

Before naming them, Chris must have researched to discover what people wholly ignored in their Teslas. When he mentions the extendable sun visors, for example, he says he could not believe people did not know about them.

How is he so sure that was really a surprise for Tesla owners?  Who told him that? If he only mentioned his methods in the video or the video description, that would make it much easier for us to understand what he meant with "I could not believe."

Tesla Owners, Is There Any Feature In This Video You Did Not Know?

We wonder, for example, how many people he has interviewed to figure out what they did not use. Could Tesla have helped him? Perhaps a group of friends that also own Teslas? That is why we want to ask our Tesla-owning readers which features they did not have a clue they had in their cars.

Considering it may be embarrassing to say precisely what you did not know, the best way to mention the mysteries these cars posed to their owners may be to specify the number of unknown elements this list has. How many features were there, but you never noticed they were? Use this video as a welcome distraction from all other news. It could come in handy.

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