As most of you are probably already aware, automotive expert Sandy Munro is in the process of tearing apart a Tesla Model Y. He's exposed plenty of the car's wonders, along with some issues. In this recent video, Munro looks into the rear hatch of the car and discusses the potential for a third row.

We know the Model Y will have an optional third row in the future. While we can't say with 100 percent certainty, we're confident the third row is going to be pretty cramped. Based on what we've learned about the third row, it will be forward-facing. However, Munro says he believes it will be a rear-facing row of seats, like the Model S jump seats. While this seems like it would make much more sense, Munro may be joking.

Munro gets into the hatch and faces the rear. He doesn't have much headroom, but he says it's not hard to get in and out of the Tesla, and there's a decent amount of space. There's also a latch in the hatch to fold down the rear seats, which would be useful to exit the car in the other direction in an emergency. Munro also takes a look at the rear door emergency service latch and offers Tesla some advice to make it better and cheaper.

Video Description via Munro Live on YouTube:

Model Y: Potential 3rd Row Seating, Ingress/Egress, Rear Door Service Latch

Episode 10: Sandy tests out the potential for 3rd Row Seating, discusses emergency exit routines, and offers some recommendations on the Rear Door Service Latch.

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