We've long been fans of Alex Dykes and his YouTube channel, Alex On Autos. His no-nonsense style and ability to really focus in on the important details of the vehicle he's reviewing is why we like to share his reviews here on InsideEVs from time to time. 

While Alex is reviewing a dual-motor heavy-duty workhorse, he didn't get his hands on the Cybertruck, or the electric Hummer. Instead, the video we're bringing you today from Alex is something a little different. Alex goes all out and does a full driving review of an electric dual-motor wheelbarrow. It does have plug, so we're not breaking our rules by posting the video here, but this is a bit of a different review.

Alex On Autos
I've shared media drives with Alex and always appreciate watching him put together his videos. I took this picture last year when he was recording his review of the Porsche Taycan in Denmark.

While it is April 1st, Alex didn't really post it as an April fools "joke". We look at it as a little more like April humor than April fools. Alex keeps a straight face during the entire review and treats the wheelbarrow as if he was reviewing an actual electric car, truck or SUV. He goes over everything from seat comfort (and there is no seat!) to the different trim levels available. That's the best part of it, he really does review the wheelbarrow - and very thoroughly.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It's good to take a break from the craziness of what's going on in the world today and just laugh at something silly. Well played, Alex. 

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