Check out this radically rendered red Tesla Cybertruck with a huge lift kit and extra-wide fenders. It looks ready to tackle just about anything in this new extreme form.

This rendering comes to us via our friend Joshua of Drivable Designs. You can check out some of his additional work featured directly below as well as his website here.

We've seen no shortage of Cybertruck renderings. From 6-wheel versions, to police and military Cybertrucks to versions that resemble more of a fastback wagon than a truck, the Tesla Cybertruck has brought with it almost a cult-like following and a huge amount of renders, small-scale driveable versions and so much more.


Where this new render differs the most is in how much its ride height is raised up and in those very wide fender flares. Both of these changes make the truck like ready for several off-road duty and we're fairly certain that a decent number of Cybertuck owners will follow a similar approach in regards to applying these mods to their trucks.


What do you think of this extreme Cybertruck? Let us know in comments below.

Video description via Drivable Designs on YouTube:

I just created this extreme Tesla Cybertruck on a website called 3DTuning. 3DTuning is an amazing website where you can customize all kinds of cars to your exact preferences. This Cybertruck is painted red with high ground clearance and extra-wide fenders.

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