TeslaCam and Sentry Mode have caught plenty of very interesting events on video, from car crashes, to road rage, vandalism, EV unplugging, and a bunch of other general silliness. However, the video on these cameras is not as high-quality as some aftermarket dash cams. Fortunately for Tesla owners, the automaker's over-the-air software update capability, as well as Tesla's incremental hardware upgrades, can improve such issues.

According to Tesla owner and YouTuber LivingTesla, Tesla's Autopilot HW3 upgrade actually improves TeslaCam video quality. He provides images from before and after to show not only how much better they look, but also details like resolution, file size, data rate, etc.

For more information about TeslaCam and Sentry Mode, visit the link in the video description below. LivingTesla provides all the details in its blog, including step-by-step information about what to buy and how to set up the system in the best way possible.

Video Description via LivingTesla on YouTube:

HW3 TeslaCam Quality Upgrade

Taking a look at how the Autopilot HW3 upgrade also upgrades the quality of TeslaCam footage. This is a LW RWD on firmware 2020.12.

TeslaCam guide: https://livingtesla.com/reliable-sent...

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