It's not because some Tesla's are known to have paint that damages easily, though the film certainly helps with that. But rather because paint protection keeps your Tesla, including the Model Y, looking new longer.

We've been covering the guys over at OCDetailing for several years now. Considered one of the premier Tesla detailers, OCDetailing hit our radar when it started posting videos of Teslas getting polished and wrapped.


As you'll see in the video, a brand new Tesla Model Y gets a clear, satin-finished wrap. The color underneath still shows through, but instead of the paint appearing glossy, it now takes on a more toned-down look, which we rather like.

The video explains the benefits of wrapping your car. Those benefits include increased protection from paint chips, sheet metal edges fully protected, no real need for waxing or sealing, a fresh look that sets your car apart and more. 

Watch the video to see just how intensive the job of wrapping is and the attention to detail is quite insane too.

Video description via OCDetailing on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y - Why You Need Paint Protection Film

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