A tire-slashing duo in Chicago was caught on camera when they decided to slash the tires of a Tesla. Sentry Mode caught the two men and hopefully, we can help identify the criminals.

The video uploader is David Nonato, owners of the Tesla that had its tires slashed and he's asking the community for help in identifying these two criminals. It shouldn't be that hard to do since we get a good look at the faces of the two trie slashers, as well as a clear view of the license plate of the vehicle the criminals drove. Check it out in the gallery below.

Gallery: Tesla Tires Slashers

As noted in the video, the tire slashing took place just 3 days ago in Chicago. The precise location of the tire slashing is posted in the video too.

This particular act doesn't seem to be Tesla hate-related since the tires on another non-Tesla car were slashed up too. However, other similar criminal events caught by Sentry Mode do seem to show Tesla hate:

Let's help this Tesla owner out. If you know who did this, leave us a note in comments or over on the YouTube channel linked below.

Video description via David Nonato on YouTube:

Saturday March 21st in Chicago my friend and I had our tires slashed by two men, I'm trying to catch these two so justice can be served!


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