A fake Tesla Cybertruck took to the streets in Ukraine along with some real Teslas and the truck drew a ton of attention and brought in a huge crowd of curious onlookers.

You can flip captions on in the video in your preferred language for more info on the build, the team behind it and the whole premise for the video, but mostly we're just posting this here to highlight and let you enjoy how slick this homemade Cybertruck looks out on the street.

Tesla Cybertruck Ukraine

It seems as though some of the crowd believes this to be the real Cybertruck and at first glance, it almost does appear to be so. It's not, but by being placed in a parade with other Teslas on the street, it does make you think twice, doesn't it?

There's been no shortage of homemade Cybertrucks. In fact, we believe the Cybertruck has likely inspired more homemade DIY projects that any other vehicle of recent times, at least in regards to electric vehicles. Check out some of the other DIY projects below:

Video description (translated by Google) via The War Path on YouTube:

Cyber ​​Truck on the streets of Kiev! We remove the reaction of people

A new car appeared in Ukraine made in 7 days without any video for the event, we do not think for a long time gathered with Tesla Service Kiev and decided to excite the nerves of people on the street, what came of it you will see in this video! Like Cybertruck

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