The Tesla did sustain significant damage.

Tesla Sentry Mode captures the moment when a female rider on a Lime scooter loses control and smashes into a parked Tesla Model X. The Model X suffered some damages.

These electric scooters from the likes of Lime and other companies have taken over the streets of many cities and at time they can be quite a nuisance. Not only that, they often can be quite dangerous to ride and a danger to drivers on the road.

In this instance, a female rider who looks to be quite young in on a Lime scooter and is riding it down the street. She loses control of the scooter and violently swerves right into a parked Tesla Model X. Upon impact, you can see some parts fly off, which presumably belong to the Model X. 

The rider luckily doesn't seem to be injured and another person nearby comes to her aid. However, the Model X did get damaged and the repairs will reportedly cost thousands of dollars, so the owner of the Model X is hoping to find the individual that smashed into the parked car.

A word of caution to those who ride these electric scooters on the street - please always wear a helmet and ride the scooter with extreme caution. Also, make sure that both hands are free of any items such as a phone or water bottle. You need both hands to remain in control f the scooter.

Video description via Bradley Lew on YouTube:

My Model X was damaged by a Lime Bike rider, caused thousands of dollars to repair. This happened on Feb 22 @ 3:58 pm on Fell x Franklin St. Does anyone recognize this person?

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