According to a report by KSN (, a business leader in Joplin, Missouri responded to a recent tweet posted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The famous CEO – who has an enormous number of Twitter followers and uses the platform for company communication – announced that he's looking for potential sites in central USA to build a Gigafactory for Cybertruck production.


Joplin Chamber President Toby Teeter was among the many who quickly responded to the tweet. He said he could offer Musk and Tesla 100 acres of land and over $50 million in incentives if the Cybertruck Gigafactory comes to Missouri.

It's important to note that the new factory will not only build the Tesla Cybertruck for the Midwest and East Coast, but also the Model Y


The KSN report notes that the response from Teeter went viral and received nearly 200,000 views. Teeter went on to explain:

“We have a Crossroads Industrial Park at the corner of I-44 and 49. You can get anywhere in the United States, we have an advanced manufacturing workforce, and we have battery technology, both chemical and and physical engineers ready and available in this market. So we set up pretty well to be an attractive location for a gigafactory for Tesla."

"Their [Tesla's] plant in Nevada is a 49 acre footprint. Our Crossroads Industrial park is about 2,000 acres. Space won’t be an issue. Engineer and manufacturing workforce won’t be an issue. We already have two nationally battery tech companies in our park."

Tesla plans to begin building the Cybertruck in 2021, so getting factory construction underway soon is a priority. KSN points out that since Teeter's reply, many other states are trying to get Musk's attention, including (but not limited to) Colorado, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

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